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The Still is a local wines and spirits store located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The store is a local favorite and has been around for over 35 years. With this tradition, it is important to tie in the original design incorporating the jugs while updating the branding to something that can last a while, but is modern. This logo was created to fit on the top of the header on their new website. A horizontal version was needed to be created as well to go along with their weekly newspaper ad.


The final logo has a few different layouts for their use in print materials and the new website. One doesn't display the jugs and the others include them to give the client the option to use them when preferred. 

the still logo-01.png
logo concepts-01.png


The beginning concepts of the logo were inspired by different whiskey bottle designs. It was important to also include the jugs on these ideations as they tie back to the original logo. 

logo photo.png


Blackford is a vintage classic font that is the perfect choice for The Still's branding. It brings ties to alcohol labels while introducing more modern ligatures to a victorian-inspired design.

logo ideations-02.png
logo ideations-03.png
logo ideations-01.png

The Still's new website allows customers to shop the exact product in-store online and keeps up to date on the availability of product. I created three different button designs that match the new logo to help the consumers navigate to the weekly ad and recipes. The website is currently still under construction but will be launched shortly.

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