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Robber's Cave is a cave located underneath Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2020, it was converted to an event venue with access to the tour the cave and take wedding photos there. With this new endeavor a new logo and website was needed.  The design of the logo was inspired by line art stock art from the 1920's with the intent to look as if the image of the lantern had been photocopied over and over again to create a timeless piece. The logo features the lantern from inside the cave that is seen during the cave tours. This logo is now displayed in multiple areas around the building and the website.


Each lamp was hand drawn taking in different styles of older cave lamps. To create the final lamp, I used a stock art logo book and took inspiration from the "white space" the black lines in the logo create to give an older, more traditional effect. This logo has a modern twist with the updated typography but brings in vintage feelings with the art.

robbers cave iterations-01.png


A big part of the logo was tying the design back to the origins of Robber's Cave. I created a few options including a cave and different variations of a lamp until the right one was drafted.

labor union-01.png


Labor Union was chosen as the final font to represent Robber's Cave. This vintage serif typeface has a modern feel while being able to tell the story that is has vintage roots to the ligatures.

It was important that the website gave an elegant feel to entice future wedding parties but also show that the venue caters to any events in general. Each room page includes details of why the room was made, highlights of the best features of the room, and a gallery to let the client imagine themselves using the space for their event. 

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