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Coffey and Co. is a high end interior design company located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Coffey and Co. is dedicated to helping their clients create their personal style through by providing excellent design. For their branding, we wanted to showcase the owner's personal style of sophistication and beauty. There is a local company with a similar name that we wanted to stay away from while incorporating a logo that displays two C's. The inspiration behind the final product was a monogram style that resembled high-end design.


The logo is constructed with two c's intertwined with each other and creates an effect of a three-dimensional C. This represents the two c's of Coffey and Co. The mark features different weights throughout the strokes of the c's and a double circle surrounding the mark. The mark can be used with and without the box around it. 

logo concepts-01.png


This mark is important to showcase two c's while maintaining a unique brand identity. I explored multiple options that also included an "o" for Coffey and Co. From simple to complex, the mark needed to resemble high-end designer brands to grab the attention of the class of clientele that the company works with.

tissue paper mockup.png
bodoni sans-01.png


To continue with the sophisticated statement, I chose the font Bodoni Sans, a sans serif font that is fresh and contemporary as well. The ligatures were the deciding factor for this font due to the thick and thin lines throughout the letters.

This goes well with the logo's mark. To pair with this font, I wanted something simple, modern and easy to read. Proxima Nova was the perfect choice in this font pairing. 

proxima nova-01.png
stamp mockup.png
house mockup.png
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